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Introducing Ultrasound to Optimize the Whitening Process

Innovative & Power-Packed System Unprecedented Innovation & Flexibility in Whitening Technology

Using Ultrasonic Technology with our Teeth Whitening? We Like the Sound of That!

BEYOND Patented Ultrasonic Technology cavitates the whitening gel to more comprehensively target the enamel. This allows us to achieve excellent whitening results under a shorter time frame.

LightBridge™ Technology

The POLUS® Advanced Ultra Whitening Accelerator combines halogen and LED light technologies to provide users with a premium whitening experience.

An advanced light filtration system containing 200,000 optical fibers serves as a bridge between the two light sources, removing all harmful heat and ultraviolet (UV) light from the powerful halogen light source, before merging the light with emissions from the twelve blue LED lights at the front of the lamp head. The end results in a combination of two powerful light sources and ultrasonic technology with wavelengths that span the entire blue light whitening spectrum, providing patients with an effective and precise whitening treatment.

TUI Control Panel

  • State of the art, full colored touch screen with newly added multilingual feature
  • Built-in instruction mode, that allows for a customized whitening procedure based on the client’s needs
  • Motorized height adjustment can be controlled from the TUI control panel and accelerator head

Different Light Output Settings