- Highest power value and widest range of pulse modes;
- Excellent clinical results;
- Full-color innovative design touch screen, easy to operate;
- A wide range of treatments can be achieved through simple parameter settings;
- Nd:YAG lasers are ideal for root canal disinfection, crown lengthening for soft tissue treatment and many other clinical applications.
Experience precision and comfort with BEYOND InPulse Nd:YAG laser technology. With its ability to penetrate tissue without being easily absorbed by water, and the use of pulse oscillation for precise heat penetration control, treatments can be performed with less impact and risk. In most cases, no anesthesia is required for a pain-free experience.
Provides the ability to perform intraoral soft tissue dental, general oral maxillo-facial and cosmetic surgery. The InPulse is intended for Ablating, Incising, Excising, Vaporization and Coagulation of soft tissues using a contact fiber optic delivery system.

Unit Handle

Fiber Wand

Laser STOP Button

Key Control

Fiber Port

Handpiece Holder

Laser Aperture Label


Goggle Holder

Touch Screen Panel

Footswitch Connector


Footswitch Bracket


Adjustable Wheels

Fill Port

Storage Box


Power Cord Holder


AC Power Input

Drain Port


Footswitch Bracket

Footswitch Connector