Slide Top Whitening System Award 11th Year in a row!

Doing our part to contribute to a safer environment

In development of our product line, BEYOND prides itself on three areas of focus: safety, comfort in treatment and great results. When BEYOND launched our Polus Advanced and BEYOND II Whitening Accelerators, in our ongoing quest to add value to the BEYOND teeth whitening experience we introduced air ionizer capabilities to passively clean the space during sessions. 
The science behind the ionizer is simple: it passively produces negatively charged ions that are released into the air. As these negative ions meet contaminants, they attach and give these air particles weight, bringing them down to surrounding surfaces to later disinfect or vacuum. Negative ions are also capable of deactivating bacteria and viruses in the air.
In this time of pandemic, it is good to know that BEYOND accelerators are a complement to measures taken by dental staff to promote a safe environment.
Please see below for link to study.


Beyond Polus Advanced: recipient of the Top Whitening System for 2020!


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