BEYOND BLAST Pre-Treatment Extra-Strength Whitening Paste

For Tetracycline and Severe Stains


The BEYOND® BLAST is a professional dental grade pretreatment paste designed to effectively jump-start the teeth whitening process. BEYOND® BLAST’s 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) formula is especially effective as a pre-treatment for tetracycline and age-related stains. The process is simple: after patient preparation, mix and apply paste, and introduce light acceleration source. Typical pre-treatment is one cycle of six to eight minutes. Follow with any BEYOND® teeth whitening gel treatment.



This product is restricted for use in the dental office setting.


  • 35% hydrogen peroxide manual-mix whitening paste
  • Formulated to reduce the appearance of difficult and severe stains
  • Effective pre-treatment whitening boost for tetracycline and fluoride stains
  • For use with any BEYOND® Whitening Kit or light system

Kit Contents

1 Bottle of 35 % H2O2 (2mL)

1 Jar catalyst

1 Spatula

1 Application brush

1 Face protection cloth

1 Multilingual instruction manual

1 After-treatment guide

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.88 × 3.15 × 0.98 in

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