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BEYOND® MAX5® Treatment Kit

From: $118.00

Formulated to work with ANY whitening system


BEYOND’s Max5 is our most popular In-office teeth whitening kit.  This 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) includes the essentials for chairside teeth bleaching of five patients.   A typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 10 minutes each, combined with light acceleration. The dual barrel 35% syringe in this kit includes enough gel for three cycles.


This product is restricted for use in the dental office setting.

BEYOND® OSMO® Five-Patient Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

From: $128.00

6% H2O2 Premium Whitening Formula with Post-treatment Whitening Pen


This 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to deliver professional results in just 36 minutes.  The OSMO Five -Patient Whitening Kit features a safe, advanced formula gel that can be used in-office without gingival protection. This kit includes material for five patients.  A typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 12 minutes each, designed to work in conjunction with light acceleration. The dual barrel 6% syringe in this kit includes enough teeth bleaching gel for three chairside cycles. The Osmo Kit also includes five premium formula teeth whitening pens that patients can take home and start using immediately to keep stains and darkening at bay while adding a rich, glossy tooth finish.

**Cheek retractors sold separately**



FLEXIBLUE® Comfort Cheek Retractors 5pk

From: $9.00

Medical Grade, Disposable Cheek Retractors


BEYOND’s custom designed Flexiblue cheek retractors are designed to work with any accelerator.  The comfortable design holds lips away from enamel for the duration of teeth whitening processes. The innovative design includes a built in tongue depressor. Available in two sizes: medium or large.

BY-PD01205M or BY-PD01205L


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